Kalender dan Buku Agenda

Posted on: January 14, 2009

Kalender dan Buku Agenda PDSI, mungkin ini merupakan kali pertama, setelah menjadi Anak Perusahaan, dibuat Kalender dan Buku Agenda Perusahaan. Dengan desain yang unik dan cukup menarik dan dengan latar dominan hijau yang menyejukkan. Isi, lengkap dengan kata-kata yang indah, sederhana dan informatif meski beberapa masih berupa visi, mimpi dan misi. Berikut ini kata-kata tersebut.

visionary edeavours : the future of ours are built of our dream today

care for the surrounding: we are proud to be part of the surrounding cummunity, and we realize to reflect our moral responsibility to grow the local cummunity in return to the trust given by them

teamwork: we believe that positive synergy can help us to work effictively and efficiently with the right manner in order to be recognized by the right people

professional people: we threat each other equally, favor professionalism throughout all behavior, and together we grow with rightness.

technology: right combination of people and technology creates the best know-how of our business

accomplishhed journeys: going through the way by combining potential opportunities with readiness, to create a set of our best accomplishments

good corporate governance: well coordination and intensive communication throughout all layer will lead us toward the final aim achievement

transparancy: do the right thing by doing things properly, is the way to express our responsibility and integrity to ourselves, the company as well as business partners

variable of products: its is our commitment to constantly maintain and be innovative in giving our best quality services

continuous growth: attaining our future desire throught best optimization of the resources

safety: we assure everyone recieves equal treatment on secured health and safety solutions, while assuring that we operate in an enviromentally friend manner

competency: be confident in self abillity to shape the whole group’s capability


9 Responses to "Kalender dan Buku Agenda"

boleh kusadur untuk tak taruh di forum web ppim ya….???/

Jng lupa tulis sumberny ya..
Minimal: kalender pdsi gitu

beres …sip 🙂

yom, aq belum dapet nih pe sekarang

Masak siy Mas..
Sampean kan lebih dekat dng modelnya tho..
Minta tanda tanganny skalian he3

jadi inget mo nyadur tulisan ini untuk website PPIM..belum kuposting juga…baru kuposting hari ini heheheh
kumat penyakit nunda2 pekerjaannya…

wah2 segera cari obatnya..supaya ga kambuh lagi 🙂

mau sekedar tau aja..
Yoma kerja di PDSI ya.. kalo boleh tau bagian apa..
thanks.. 🙂

Salam kenal Mhelaa,
Yup d PDSI d bagian operasi

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